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The caganers

Since it has appeared in the nativity scenes at the end of the 18th century, the caganer has been the most popular figure of Christmas in Catalonia, as a tradition or collector's item. In only a few years, the image of the caganer has become a symbol, a reference and a curiosity of the Catalan culture.

A bit of history...
Originally, the caganer is a figure which represents a Catalan peasant, dressed in the traditional red cap and belt, fertilizing the land with his crap. At Christmas every family hides a caganer in their nativity scene, behind a tree or a rock, next to Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus. It's a source of amusement for the Catalans and is also a symbol of luck and prosperity for the forthcoming year.

Why are the caganers so succesful ?
Every year the Catalans look for the most amusing and unusual caganer, including politicians, sportsmen, actors, even characters from comics. They reflect our present society but in an unusual, scatological way. They don't leave anybody indifferent and are quite a Christmas craze.

Is it only a Christmas thing ?
In Catalonia these figurines are now sold and also exported all the year.
They can be found in various shops as collector's ítems, and as unusual
souvenirs for tourists in Barcelona.